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The Sleeper Awakes ~ A Fabian Prophecy?

I wrote the first draft of this post back in 2013 on an older blog and although I've always intended on re-publishing this information in a much more easy to digest fashion I honestly can't find a way of doing so without leaving out something interesting or poignant. As a result this has ended up being an incredibly long and arduous tome, but to my knowledge very few people are aware of this rather obscure novel from an otherwise incredibly well known author. I believe this novel absolutely belongs alongside other well known dystopian works such as 1984 or Brave New World; actually I would make the argument that The Sleeper Awakes is far more relevant than either of the other more well known works, but that's a judgement I'll leave to you as we delve into this book's possible hidden meanings and creepy accuracies.

The details I'm about to cover may seem a bit wild at times,and some of the discussion here will delve into the occult and esotericism which underst…

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