Hello there, you've probably clicked on the about section accidentally, but regardless this has still given me a free licence on this page to be a total egotistical bellend for a while, so please make yourself comfortable as I waffle on about myself and this blog project for the next few minutes.

So my name is Jay, I was born in Essex in 1987 and I've remained here as though in some form of purgatory all my life. Today I live in the town of Leigh-On-Sea with my darling wife, my two sproglets and two cats.

Education wise I have a bachelors degree from the University of Life, and have enjoyed a varied if not painful career as a Jack of All Trades. Thankfully my career is on hold right now as I am currently a stay-at-home Dad which aside from being able to watch my children grow, has some benefits, like having the time (sort of) to write this blog. 

Writing is something I've always enjoyed and wanted to do more of going all the way back to Primary school, and although I've attempted umpteen times to get a blog off the ground and write regularly I've never managed it because I've always been unhappy with the quality of work I'm producing. Its ok, I know I should accept that you can't possibly improve without practice but I really can't help but cringe when re-reading old content. A symptom of OCD I'm afraid.

So maybe I should actually get on and explain what this blog is about then:

So this blog is a personal site, so from time to time I'll put up personal experiences and opinions on stuff that's happening, but predominately there are two main focuses for this site.

The first is history, from local to international, palaeolithic to the modern age. It is my belief that a great deal can be gleaned from learning about the past, and I certainly subscribe to the old adage that "history repeats".

The second main topic on here is the subject of survivalism; not so much the usual bug-out-bag and fire lighting stuff that has over-saturated the internet in recent years, but more the bigger problems involved questions surrounding prepping in general. It could be anything from ecology, permaculture, anthropology, sociology, religion etc, and how it apples to a survival or a SHTF scenario.

In many ways there will be cross-overs between the survival topics and history and through this I hope to bring about new points of view that some maybe haven't thought of before, especially in the prepper community.

A tertiary subject on here is a bit of a weird one, it certainly won't be everybody's cup of tea, but for those who are interested I shall be going into topics like the occult, paganism and other more esoteric subjects here too as I do fancy myself as a bit of a modern day Cunning Man.

Other minor topics will include commentary on world events, politics from time to time and local issues in my own corner of the globe, but this has been a pretty comprehensive list of content for now so I think I'll leave it for now.

I might also go back to doing Youtube and maybe a Bitchute in time, but at the moment that's not a priority of mine so all that is left to say is thank you for your interest and I hope you will stick around for content that will, with best intentions, be posted here on at least a weekly basis or so.


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