Izzy wizzy, let's get busy!

I have to admit to myself that since I began my online presence, I've been all over the shot. Not only have I periodically changed the name of my blogs and youtube channel, which no doubt confused my audience and lost their attention, but I've also never been entirely sure as to what sort of content to produce in the first place. 

We live in a funny old time, information is easy to find and convey with the internet at our disposal, but at the same time we find our society gradually drifting towards censorship and control. Being aware of this fact makes it difficult from a content producer's point of view to know how exactly to navigate the censors, or how to bring up controversial information without being at risk of all your hard work being deleted, or you yourself being visited by the local constabulary in the dead of night for having committed some horrendous Thoughtcrime. 

I believe I've trodden the line of acceptability reasonably well over these past few years, but then that line could very well move suddenly. This constant need to think ahead and consider what might be considered too taboo in a few years from now does impact on your ability to discuss the topic at hand effectively and lets be frank, this is precisely the State's intention. Control of language controls the public's thought processes after all, and if you control the population's thoughts then you have no chance of an opposition.

Another issue in this modern age is that in order to get publicity you're expected to play up to a brand, or an aesthetic and once you've chosen your internet enclave, your opinions and outlooks are expected to be set in stone. The desire by most to keep up their persona is no doubt a result of group psychology, a topic which would be far too long-winded to get into for now, but irrespective of why this happens it has created an entire generation who are too ignorant to consider different points of view, too poorly read to come up with new ideas and most importantly, too socially inept to compromise and work with others who may have differing opinions but similar common goals.

Maybe owing to my own self-confessed antisocial predisposition, I've never felt like I owe any group unwavering loyalty (at least when it comes to general talking points,) and my opinions have tended to change slowly overtime. This makes content production difficult, especially on Youtube where someone may follow you merely because they want to bathe in an own echo chamber of their own choosing, if you suddenly offer ideas that challenge the aspects of an ideology that they've internalised then you get hammered for it.

With all this in mind I have decided that Youtube is not the medium conducive to discussion of politics, whether on the macro or micro scales. Henceforth I will not be adding anymore political content on my Youtube channel, although I may hint towards my personal feeling and include links to this site, which will continue to cover the political themes where the written word still trumps video, mostly because the inclusion of additional information, quotes and links is so much easier in a written format and is therefore far easier to substantiate and reason.

Instead my Youtube channel will hopefully become the source of far more positive and motivating content. Wildlife, hiking, camping and history and general outdoorsy pursuits. This will also be reflected in the blog here too, with personal views and experiences being posted here alongside (hopefully) informative pieces about history, religion and politics.

For some reason I'm getting a second wind for all this, and I'm determined to be a positive influence on this world and to leave my mark so to speak.


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